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Top quality door edges to keep passengers and equipment safe, and ready to ship out today. Our door edges (light curtains) are compatible with any door operator, allowing you to use them on any job that requires advanced door technology. With easy installation and maintenance, our door edges are the perfect solution for both new construction and modernization projects.

Why try to make a standard fixture work, when custom is our standard? All fixtures are manufactured using state of the art manufacturing processes and components to suit your site conditions or customer’s taste. Whether it is simple stainless applied COPs to custom swing front return panels, our engineering and manufacturing capabilities have you covered.

Our doors & entrances offer standard and non-standard widths, heights and thicknesses, exotic finishes, glass panoramic, heated sills and more. We focus on providing precision engineered double skinned doors made from 14 gauge / 16 gauge steel, to maintain the original look and feel of your doors for years to come.